Main Dishes

Served with Steamed Jasmine Rice 
Chicken, Pork,Tofu or Vegetables. Substitution of Beef or Shrimp extra $2.00.

Red Curry


Sauteed meat with bamboo shoot, bell pepper, 
green bean, carrot and basil in coconut milk and red curry. 

Green Curry


Sauteed meat with eggplant, basil, bell pepper, bamboo shoot and green bean in coconut milk and green curry. 

Panang Curry


Sauteed meat with snow pea, bell pepper, carrot and basil in coconut milk and panang curry. 

Yellow Curry


Sauteed meat with onion, potatoes, carrot and green pea in simmering yellow curry sauce with a side of cucumber salad. 

Massamun Curry


Sauteed meat with peanut, onion, potatoes and carrot in mild brown curry sauce. 

Pineapple Curry


Sauteed shrimp with pineapple, snow pea carrot and bell pepper in special red curry sauce. 

Pad Kapow


Stir-fried meat with basil, bell pepper, onion and scallion in mild basil sauce. 

Pad Gratiam


Stir-fried meat with garlic and black pepper sauce served over steamed vegetables. 

Cashew Nut


Stir-fried meat with onion, celery, bell pepper, carrot, water chest nut and cashew nut in mild spicy sweet chili paste. 

Ginger Delight


Stir-fried meat with ginger, mushroom, bell pepper, carrot and onion in light brown sauce. 

Black Pepper


Stir-fried meat with bell pepper, mushroom, scallion and onion in special black pepper sauce. 

Sweet & Sour


Sauteed meat with pineapple, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes and cucumber in sweet and sour sauce. 

Pad Prik Pow


Stir-fried meat with onion, bell pepper basil and scallion in mild spicy sweet chili paste. 

Pad Prik Basil


Stir-fried meat with bamboo shoot, basil, onion and bell pepper in spicy brown sauce. 



Sauteed meat in peanut sauce served over steamed vegetables. 

Mixed Vegetables


Stir-fried mixed vegetables (broccoli, carrot, green bean, cabbage, baby corn and onion) with your choice of meat in light brown sauce. 

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