• Homemade Ice-Cream

    • $4.00

    Your choice of coconut, mango or Thai tea. 

  • Banana Delight

    • $5.00

    Bananas battered with crunched almonds in pastry skins, served crunchy and topped with honey and sesame seed.

  • Fried Ice Cream

    • $5.00

    A scoop of vanilla ice cream covered with tasty pound cake and deep-fried. 

  • Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango

    • $5.50

    An aromatic sweet rice mixed with coconut milk, accompanied with sweet mango. 

  • Combination Desserts

    • $6.50

    Sweet sticky rice with a scoop of ice cream (your choice of coconut, mango or Thai tea) surrounded by crunchy slices of banana and topped with honey and sesame seed. 

  • Fried Cheese Cake

    • $5.00

    Lightly battered cheese cake deep-fried served with whipped cream, chocolate and cheery on top. 

  • Sweet Sticky Rice with Thai Egg Custard

    • $4.50
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