Homemade Ice-Cream


Your choice of coconut, mango or Thai tea. 

Banana Delight


Bananas battered with crunched almonds in pastry skins, served crunchy and topped with honey and sesame seed.

Fried Ice Cream


A scoop of vanilla ice cream covered with tasty pound cake and deep-fried. 

Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango


An aromatic sweet rice mixed with coconut milk, accompanied with sweet mango. 

Combination Desserts


Sweet sticky rice with a scoop of ice cream (your choice of coconut, mango or Thai tea) surrounded by crunchy slices of banana and topped with honey and sesame seed. 

Fried Cheese Cake


Lightly battered cheese cake deep-fried served with whipped cream, chocolate and cheery on top. 

Sweet Sticky Rice with Thai Egg Custard

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